Cyber threats will target any individual, organization, or device without hesitation.

Do you know if you have been compromised?

Sugpiat CyberWerx™ offers a portfolio of cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

Concerned about your level of cyber readiness?

Many organizations have discovered that compliance does not equate to cyber readiness and that security at any cost is also not realistic.

Do you need assistance?

Our credentialed and veteran cybersecurity experts have served in some of the world’s most demanding environments and have faced down advanced persistent threats. 

We can help you predict, protect, manage, and survive cyber risk exposure. 

Contact us today for cybersecurity assistance!

FREE Cyber Readiness Quiz

Find out if your organization is at risk of a cyber attack.

1. Can you prove that your organization has not already been compromised by a cyber-attack?

2. How would you describe the operational tempo of your organization?

3. Which answer best describes how hardware and software baselines are managed within your environment?

4. Which answer best describes organizational processes for reducing human error in the workplace?

5. How would you describe the motivating priority for implementing cyber risk controls?

6. Which answer best describes IT decision-making within your organization?

7. Which answer best describes your organization’s cyber risk tolerance?

8. What is the primary cybersecurity focus within your organization?

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