Cyber Risk Management Services

CyberWerx® delivers cyber resilience to face relentless and continuous attacks.

The team understands how Advanced Persistent Threats operate and predict, and we counter these threats throughout the entire cyber kill chain.

CyberWerx® offers Cyber Program Management Consulting services for organizations seeking objective and expert advice for developing, improving, and maintaining an effective organization-wide cybersecurity program.  Our credentialed experts have decades of experience with managing national level cyber security programs, mitigating advanced persistent cyber threats, and advising senior leadership on cost-effective courses of action that align to organizational risk tolerance levels, budgets, and mission priorities.
CyberWerx® offers Cyber Threat Mitigation Services for organizations seeking assistance with identifying cyber threat sources on organizational systems, networks, and infrastructure.  Our credentialed experts have significant experience analyzing cyber threat intelligence, predicting threat tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), hunting down cyber threats, and taking action to reduce organizational impact.
CyberWerx® offers Vulnerability Management Services for organizations seeking assistance with identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating system, network, infrastructure, and other vulnerabilities.   Our credentialed experts have decades of experience performing vulnerability assessments, measuring vulnerability impacts to mission, and implementing cost-effective risk controls to reduce cyber risk exposure.
CyberWerx® offers Cyber Engineering Services for organizations seeking assistance with integrating security throughout the system development life cycle.  The best security is “baked in, not bolted on” and our credentialed experts have decades of experience implementing security and privacy engineering principles within new systems under development as well as older systems in need of upgrades.  We use comprehensive threat modeling in our engineering approach to identify use cases, threat agents, attack vectors and patters, design patterns, and compensating controls needed to mitigate risk.
CyberWerx® provides cyber range implementation and operation services delivering advanced capabilities to organizations seeking to train and equip future cyber professionals. The cyber range experience includes design, operations, and active exercise management including active inputs and scoring.
CyberWerx® offers Cyber Resilience Services for organizations seeking assistance with developing and implementing defensible and survivable systems designed to anticipate, withstand, recover, and adapt to adverse conditions, attacks, or compromises.  This service is ideal for organizations with very high availability requirements and very low risk tolerance for service interruption resulting from a cyber-attack.  Our credentialed experts have decades of experience managing business continuity programs and critical infrastructure for missions that require zero downtime regardless of threat.
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