Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

Advanced persistent cyber threats exploit hardware and software supply chain vulnerabilities to execute ransomware, steal intellectual property, corrupt software, surveil critical infrastructure, introduce counterfeits, and many other malicious activities.

CyberWerx™ provides comprehensive Supply Chain Risk Mitigation services to identify, detect, and respond to supply chain risks.

CyberWerx™ offers Cyber Supply Chain Risk Assessment Services for organizations seeking assistance with understanding threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts associated with a multi-tiered supply chain.  Our risk analysts look past OEMs and deep into the hardware and software supply chain using thousands of reliable sources, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, proprietary tools, and other analytical approaches to predict cyber-attacks against third party suppliers and other supply chain disruptions throughout each phase of the supply chain lifecycle. 

CyberWerx™ offers Counterfeit Detection Services for organizations concerned with compromises to hardware and software supply chains.  Adversaries seeking to gain cyber persistence within an organization can exploit weaknesses in hardware and software supply chains to manipulate legitimate hardware components, software dependencies, or access trusted third party relationships.  Once the backdoor is established, the cyber threat can remain undetected for months or even years given the high degree of control established.  Our Counterfeit Detection service is designed to identify and prevent counterfeit products from entering production. 

CyberWerx™ offers Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Services for organizations concerned with supplementing network cyber security.  The concept of “Zero Trust” security is growing in popularity and moves defenses from static and networked based to focus on end users, assets, and resources.  Within a ZTA, all data sources and computing services are considered resources and access controls to such resources are strictly enforced, granted on a per-session basis, and are based upon the concept of least privilege instead of automatically available due to network access.  Our ZTA service is ideal for organizations seeking to reduce the impacts associated with network-based attacks to are seeking a data-centric access control environment. 

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