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Immersive and Operational Training

CyberWerx AcademyTM of San Antonio, Texas is a customized training facility dedicated to addressing the growing need for hands on and immersive cybersecurity education. The Academy offers several training services designed to meet your evolving security training requirements.

DoD Approved 8570 Baseline and Other Certification courses designed to prepare and qualify the security workforce for specific roles.

Classroom and other training facility space that can be used to perform table-top exercises, host guest speakers, or conduct off-site training.

Cyber Range infrastructure that can be used to test system readiness against APT simulations, perform code and system vulnerability reviews, and practice penetration testing skills.

Immersive Cyber Training

Let’s face it, most certification courses prepare you for passing a qualifying exam but are simply not enough to equip the cyber workforce for real-world mission and business cyber scenarios. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) constantly evolve and are relentless at trying new tactics to exploit organizational weaknesses. 

The CyberWerx AcademyTM Immersive Cyber Training portfolio:

  • Designed for cybersecurity professionals who are less interested in another certification and more interested in hands-on security learning that simulates real-world threats that impact mission and business objectives.
  • Tests and equips your cybersecurity workforce to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from APTs and counter their tactics so the business and mission can survive.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is designed for cyber and non-cyber managers who are responsible for applying policies, procedures, processes, and resources to identify, manage, and monitor cybersecurity risk to fulfill the organization’s regulatory, legal, and operational requirements.

Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) training is designed for private sector and international organizations who are seeking a flexible and non-bureaucratic cybersecurity strategy that aligns cybersecurity activities with NIST, ISO, CIS and other best practices.  CSF training includes detailed instruction and practical exercises to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover from cyber threats.

The Linux and Windows OS Hardening courses are designed for System Administrators who are responsible for implementing cybersecurity benchmarks on Windows and Linux operating systems. OS hardening courses include dozens of hands-on security configuration exercises that apply CIS benchmarks, STIGs, and other best practice cyber risk controls. Exercises also include risk-based determinations prior to benchmark implementation to assist the system administrators with applying security controls during operational constraints.

Advanced persistent cyber threats have the potential to gain unauthorized system access even after cyber security controls have been applied. The Fundamentals of Cyber Resiliency Engineering course is an immersive and multi-disciplinary cyber security course designed to teach ICT supply chain, business continuity, critical infrastructure, network, and systems engineering courses of action to enable mission or business essential functions that depend on cyber resources in a threat contested cyber environment.

Advanced cyber threats can compromise your network well before you use any IT product by targeting supply chain dependencies. The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Supply Chain Risk Management course is an immersive and multi-disciplinary cyber security course designed to explore the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating the risks associated with the global and distributed nature of ICT product and service supply chains.

The onslaught of Ransomware has plagued our society and has created anxiety for many private and public sector organizations. This cyber attack has been used against schools, hospitals, critical infrastructure sectors, banks, businesses, and many other organizations and individuals. The Ransomware Survival course is designed to equip organizations with practical strategies designed to lessen the likelihood and impact of these devastating attacks so that organizations can continue uninterrupted.

Operational Resilience Training

Missions and organizations are faced with a series of complex all-hazards security threats that can cause physical risk to employees and irreparable harm to mission and business operations. 

The Operational Resilience Training portfolio:

  • Prepares organizations for managing problematic security concerns that originate from both internal and external threat sources.

Adversaries may passively watch your organizational activities to derive sensitive information about your organization, plans, and mission activities. The OPSEC course is designed to equip the students with a systematic and proven process intended to deny to potential adversaries’ information about organizational capabilities and intentions by identifying, controlling, and protecting information and evidence related to sensitive activities.

Sometimes the most harmful and damaging threats originate from inside the organization itself. An insider threat can use her/his authorized access to compromise sensitive data and systems, or to do harm to the security of organizational operations, assets, or even individuals. The Insider Threat Mitigation course is designed to prepare organizations to deter, detect, and mitigate insider threat activities and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

The FBI defines an active shooter as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. Implicit in this definition is the shooter’s use of a firearm. The Active Shooter Mitigation course is designed to provide organizations with tactics, strategies, and plans designed to quickly respond and protect the organization’s most precious resource…its people.

Advanced cyber threats attempt to use human interactions in the early phases of cyber attack planning in order to increase the likelihood of attack success. Human interactions go well beyond just “clicking the link” phishing campaigns. These threats use other advanced tactics to deceive an individual into revealing sensitive information, obtaining unauthorized access, or committing fraud by associating with the individual to gain confidence and trust. The Social Engineering Mitigation course provides organizations with practical plans and strategies to quickly deter, detect, and prevent Social Engineering tactics.

Some cyber security professionals overlook the most important part of network security…the end user.  Unfortunately, the end user can’t just be patched or configured to prevent compromises from occurring. More cyber security compromises and safety incidents are caused by human error than any other factor. Quite literally, we can be our own worst enemy!

However, the root causes of human error go well beyond just an accidental click of a link or engineering misconfiguration. Research has shown that other organizational factors such as operations tempo, unrealistic milestones, limited resources, and other working environment stressors and constraints can increase the likelihood of human error significantly. The Human Error Mitigation course is designed for all managers and security professionals who are serious about reducing cyber security, safety, and other business risks. The course explores the root causes behind human error and provides detailed and practical guidance for how to reduce operational risk exposures caused by this unintended but serious threat.

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