Lab Environment

Discover vendor & supplier risks

Our high-performance cyber and security testing infrastructure enables testing of your infrastructure and supported applications. We use equipment sharing, remote monitoring, DoS attack scenarios, and topology management. Our scalable and secure technology optimizes cyber and security tests through innovative functionality. 

CyberWerx® security testing activities to help organizations identify risks in their products, using industry-standard methodologies and frameworks. Let us identify your supply chain risk exposure, and help you manage the risk associated within your vendors and suppliers.


The CyberWerx® Cyber Range offers flexible and reconfigurable infrastructure without the expense and responsibility for management and maintenance.


On-demand or in-person models deliver immediate access to foundational and advanced training. CyberWerx® Testing environments offer an isolated and controlled environment that is scalable and tailored to your mission.


Conveniently located in proximity to an international airport, large hotels, restaurants, shopping, tourist sites, and military installations.