Medical Device Application Cyber Assessments

Independent assessment for medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and other health sector organizations looking to exercise additional Duty-of-Care

Sugpiat CyberWerx understands the importance of securing medical device technology throughout the product life cycle. Our approach begins with an evaluation of the software lifecycle process used by the manufacturer, coupled with an evaluation of the effectiveness of IEC 62304:2006 and other risk controls. A rigorous 100-Point Cyber Assessment is used to evaluate the effectiveness of Technical, Physical, and Administrative safeguards by simulating advanced cyber threat tactics to assess the likelihood of future compromises.

Services Offered
  • 100-point Cyber Assessment
  • Cyber Threat Tactics Evaluation
  • Indications of Compromise Evaluation
  • Software/Hardware Vulnerability Assessments
  • Flaw Remediation Consulting
  • Cyber Risk Management Consulting
  • IT Asset Management Consulting

Sugpiat CyberWerx Advantages

We understand:

Threat Protection

The significance of threat protections from cyberattacks


The importance of adaptability to continuously monitor for opportunities to reduce the likelihood of future attacks and data breaches


The need for recoverability and impact reduction after cyberattacks


The Importance of exercised plans to identify evolving cyber threats and respond to them before organizational impact is realized


ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Certificate No. UIT1149

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

Certificate No. UIT1148

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate No. US4504

NIST 800-171



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