Range Simulation​

Real-world cyber & all-hazards threat scenario testing

 The CyberWerx® Cyber Range is a safe and isolated cyber lab environment designed to simulate system effectiveness against reverse engineered Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and provide cyber professionals with hands-on practice configuring, attacking, and defending systems.

The range can be configured and customized to meet your mission requirements with realistic, simulated attacks allowing your team to take their skills to the next level. 

Is Your Software Safe?

Bring your own images or software for testing and independent code reviews to identify dependencies, bugs, code quality, unsafe software supply chain provenance, and exploitable vulnerabilities.

Customized Testing Scenarios

CyberWerx® offers hundreds of system images (security hardened and vulnerable) and scalable infrastructure for customized testing scenarios.

Cyber Capacity Building Solutions

Training Solutions

CyberWerx Academy™ customizes the student learning experience with tailored and operationalized one-day to six-month individual and team training packages

Consulting Services​

CyberWerx® offers consulting services designed to provide short-term subject matter expertise in any cyber security or organizational resillience area of need

Mentoring Services​

Our instructors are available after instruction to provide ongoing guidance to students who have successfully completed a CyberWerx Academy™ course

Cyber Engineering​

Engineer, deploy, and manage on-premises, cloud, and hybrid range solutions with tailored curriculum and tools developed for your mission requirements

Committed to Quality

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